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Wagga Wagga show

In early October, Thea Weiss and I will be showing PassedPRESENT at Gallery 43 at the TAFE Riverina Institute in Wagga Wagga. from October 5-14. Our media include painting, sculpture, prints and drawings.

Prunus, 24x20cm a handcoloured etching capturing late afternoon sun amongst prunus trees.

My take on the theme is:

The first time I realised there is no "away" on the planet was on a work visit to Wagga Wagga from Sydney. My colleague told me that she had been asked to evaluate a proposal to transport Sydney rubbish for dumping in Wagga. What's passed and immediately forgotten in one place can remain present in another.

So the past casts a long shadow, compounded by what's conveniently forgotten. As Faulkner said, it isn't even past.

This work is about forms of forgetting - of our history, and of our impact then and now as the land and the weather changes. The present offers us the opportunity to make a difference to our future.

And some of my work is purely about the pleasure of being present in Wagga.

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