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A moth massacre

The Tank, 2017, encaustic on 200g canson paper, collograph and linocut, natural dyes, 39x83cm.

This work celebrates the old metal tanks, corrugated like the sheds - and the roads. Tanks collect more than water. An open tank with dying moths all over the surface at a research station north of Broken Hill is referenced in the work.

It has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Burnie Print Prize.

The dark and damp of the tanks inside is in sharp contrast to the light and space that surrounds them.

I harvested and distilled natural materials – saltbush and red river gum bark - and stained the paper before printing in relief and intaglio. Bees’ wax was ideal to create the wandering corrugations. The gritty red earth offered striking textures.

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